Vedic Vidya Peetam


(Centre for VEDIC KNOWLEDGE) is the latest initiation of Sri Bajrangadas Kuti to promote and propagand the divine   Sanskrit language among the youth nationally and internationally.  Inspired by the visions of the founder of the Ashram Baba Bajrangadasji and his disciple Swami Tilakji the centre started in July 2014.

Objectivity of the centre   is to inculcate and inspire younger generation to study, explore and probe the higher values of age old ancient Vedic Knowledge and tradition to suite the present humanity.  A new organization named SWAMI TILAK VEDIC VIDYA SAMITHI has been formed to achieve the object of   the centre, which is   affiliated with all India centers of SANSKRIT BHARATI and VIDHYA BHARATI.  The Samithi aims for a plan of reaching at University level. With this mission, the Ashram leased 24 acres of land situated on the banks of holy Narmada River to the Vedic Vidya Samithi.  It’s President is the president of SRI BAJRANGADAS KUTI which is a Public Charitable Trust.

DRAVIDA VEDA - The Samithi   also aims to promote the study of Tamil language so that knowledge and culture of Dravid Veda hidden in Tamil Literature can be tapped for the benefit of the humanity.


Admission -  Admission to Vedic Vidya Peetam is open to all irrespective of caste and religion. At present enrolment is available only to boys students who passed their fifth.   All subjects are teaching in Sanskrit medium.  Special emphasis given to teach English and Tamil.  Examinations are conducting through Maharshi Pathanjali Samscrita Samsthan M.P.

The students’ lives and learn in an Ashram atmosphere. To preserve the environmental purity - 25 acres of land is maintained as forest   with full of trees and birds and cultivating remaining 75 acres of land.   Narmada River is flowing on the north of the Ashram.

Specialty  -


 Hostel -  Occupied with well-furnished airy rooms and computer lab in a healthy atmosphere.  Tasty healthy natural food is provided to students.  Sandy Narmada river banks provides pollution free play ground and the students could swim in the fresh waters of river as Natural Swimming pool. . 


LIBRARY - The library in the Ashram is well-known for its huge collection of books in Hindi, Sanskrit, Malayalam, English, Spanish and Portuguese.  

Encyclopedia of Britannica, Encyclopedia of Hinduism, various  Dictionaries,  Indological books, western ancient and modern cultural books (Inca, Mayan etc.), complete works of Vivekananda, Yogi Arobindo,  Mahatma Gandhi,  all Vedas, Upanishads, Epics and Puranas among the collections of  library.  


With the likeminded people’s support this Centre would reach   the Centre of Sanskrit studies.  Samskriti and Sanskrit will make the universe into real UNIVERSALISAM to bring the world in equality.