Present President


ShriNityaChaitanyaDasjiMaharaj (Brahmachariji) is the present President of ShriBajrangDasKuti. Through his inspiration and direction, the Ashram, JnanaMandiramBrasil and Bolivia, VaidikVidyaPeetham and many centers in foreign countries are running.


Maharajji is a very simple and austere personality. He is a tireless man of action and continuously serving the Ashram from 1969. Maharajji seems to be hard on the outside but a very kind hearted from inside. Maharajji has travelled many foreign countries with Swami Tilakji and still continuing.   He is always eager to solve the queries of the seekers of the truth and help everyone’s spiritual growth.


ShriNityaChaitanyaDasjiMaharaj met Swami Tilakji in 1967 while Swamiji was on his Southern India tour and he got so impressed with the personality of Swamiji that he left everything and followed him.  In due course, he became disciple of Revered Babaji, Guru of Swami Tilak. During Babaji’s old age and illness, Maharajji for almost 11 years selflessly served Babaji with profound love, dedication and devotion. After Babaji leaving his mortal coil, Ashram’s responsibilities came on Maharajji’s shoulders. At that time, the Ashram only had a small Kuti (hermitage) and a Hanuman temple, and today whatever one can see in the Ashram is due to the tireless efforts of Maharajji.  From registering Ashram as a Public Charitable Trust, to compiling and publishing Swami Tilak’s literature, relics, and letters; and to keep everything in an archive, is all because of his great foresight and efforts. His sadhana and mission is preserving and spreading the life and sayings of his GurudevBabaji and Swami Tilakji.


Even a smallest task of Ashram is conducted by Maharajji with utmost care, devotion and selflessness.  This inspires everyone and can see real Karma-yogi. When one notices his work, it seems that he is too much entangled, but people who know him very close know that he is totally detached.