Letter & Thought

“All the individuals and institutions that had faith in God and religion must realize the divinity of man – the Kingdom of Heaven in within you.”

     “A dedicated and selfless soul could do far more good to humanity than thousands of self-styled social reformers.”

“The source of spirituality is one, only one, and that is Self – knowledge”.

“The world is one; East and West are creation of man. If the East takes a little of materialism from West and the West more spirituality from East, the Word will turn into abode of gods.”

“The self is everything.  All the gods and the scriptures are in the Self. The Self is the Guru. Also the Self is God. Until one realizes the Self, everything is bondage.

“Self (I) alone is Truth. ‘I’ is eternally free of all attributes of ‘this’ or ‘that’.   If ‘I’ is clear, everything is clear. Without ‘I’ the entire knowledge is blind.”   (from vedic culture p.n.39)