Follower’s Views about swamiji


              When the profundity of dedication exists in one, then the presence of a saint or a wise man even for a very small period, shall never be in vain. After meeting, some enter in to the perfect silence – in the absolute and for some, dynamic activity increases so much.

              It was the memorable day of 5th September 1973, when at last the Master arrived in person, intelligence and Spirit.  He came to me, at a crucial moment when I was dangling between death and lunacy.  Immediately I remembered the traditional proverb “When the Chela (ego) is ready, the Guru appears.”  Thus happened what appeared to be a miracle, and I was waiting long for fifty years.

              It was just a living Christ that I needed to see, feel and follow who at each moment of my life revealed my own Self.  This he did with his own proper life, attitude and wisdom, by drinking deep from the Nectar of the “Essence of the Gita.”

              He is the Light who rode up my higher Self, thereby enlightening it.

              I had knowledge of religions, but not of spirituality, till He arrived.  Thereby everything became disorganized! So strong is spirituality. Let me recapitulate what Swamiji told me in his Kuti in Mother India.  “In one lecture a Scientist asked: Swamiji, what has religion given you?  For it has given me this, this and this.  It has taken away everything from me” he replied.

              Since the first moment of our meeting, immediately Swamiji began the preparation for the great operation, the very first but infallible steps.

              The definite incision in this spiritual surgery – one of the greatest blessings that I have received – even if it be the most painful was his Maha Samadhi. This incision was acute as much to those close dear followers both in India and abroad. But in all these cuts what remains only is the Essence, Pure Intelligence, Conscience or Existence.

              As one of the resultant Grace of Gurudeva Swami Tilak Maharaj, Babaji Bajarangadas Maharaj And according to the Karma and Dharma of certain disciples and persons allied to Swamiji the humble seed of the Eternal true Knowledge that never changes is taking root.  In Brasilia D.F. in South America too we have the “JNANA MANDIRAM” (Temple of Wisdom.)

              To the beloved readers and followers of Swami Tilak we would like to translate the inaugural message he sent us :  “We thank profoundly the Brazilian devotees who have founded the Jnana Mandiram.  This temple will disseminate the universal message of the Veda.  The Veda is not only the most sacred Scripture of India, but also the perennial fountain of wisdom.”

       The fire of Self Knowledge burns all sins. The human being purified, perceives that he is not a mortal entity, but is the “Son of Eternity!” As in every atom exists eternally the Atomic Energy so in every man is eternally present the Divinity. The manifestation of this Divinity is the finality of human life. This is possible only by the wisdom that reflects as Devotion through the emotions and as sacrifice through Action.

       VEDa says : “ The Truth is one.  It is only ONE. But, the wise man interprets it in several ways. We are sure that the doors of the Jnana Mandiram will remain open to all people without distinction of his religion, nationality, race, colour, culture or political affiliations. In the sacred precincts of the temple everyone should forget all differences and no deference should exist among them. They should dedicate their lives at the sacred feet of God that is not different from the Supreme Truth.

       Without practicing Spirituality nobody can effectively disseminate it; only a lighted lamp can illumine others.  Practice should be the main interest of all members of the temple, the spreading of knowledge by propagation is secondary.


       May God bless all the members and founders of Jnana Mandiram – July, 1974.


                                   MOTHER KARUNA - Brasilia