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In the year 1960 Tilakji met Babaji on the south bank of Narmada that time this place was known as Chichot Kuti.  After a short stay with Babaji and with the grace of Babaji revolutionary Tilak got cleared all his doubts and accepted Babaji as his Guru.  Here he got right vision, wisdom, insight and enlightenment.

With the blessings of Babaji  - Tilakji decided to walk  bare-foot all over Bharat to spread the Vedic wisdom of love, peace and unity of humanity.  Swamiji walked through Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka state, Tamil Nadu and Kerala more than 5000 km.  During his pilgrimage, he stayed in forests, river banks, roads, huts, palaces cities and Temples.  Every where he received well and he had the opportunity to spread the message of love and wisdom.  Hallmark of Swamiji was his renunciation and simple living. Except one meal he was in no need of nothing.  That also if he receives unasked.  Words of Babaji were ringing in his ears always “accept all duality and adversity as Thy will”.

After completion of his pilgrimage of Bharat, he returned to see his Gurudev for taking permission to travel abroad. Seeing the desire to travel further, Babaji smiled and said o.k. continue your travel till you finish your desire.

On 11 August 1968 Swamiji left Indian shore with Swami Nitya Chaitanya to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Here Swamiji travelled entire Ceylon with the kind help of Swami Jyothi.  Swami Jyothi was a follower of Swami Shivanda order.  This three months lecture tour was very success. Swamiji met several Bhudhist monks and discussed about the Bhudhist darsan of Nihilism.

 In Jaffna there were big gathering of Hindus to hear Swamiji. After the talk people started talking we are blessed to hear second Vivekanda.

Swami Nitya Chaitanya returned to Bharat to serve Babaji. Swamiji continued his travel with Swami Jyothi visiting 56 countries that include Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, All Latin America, Brazil and Europe.  It took them almost eight years. In 1975 Swamiji was informed about the illness of his Gurudev.  Swamiji flew immediately to Bharat leaving his American trip half-way to be with his beloved Gurudev and reached Ashram on 18th July 1975.

During this period Swamiji and Swami Nitya decided to consolidate the property of Babaji into a charitable trust.  On 23rd May 1976 it has been registered as a Public Charitable Trust in the presence of Babaji. The trust was named by us as ‘SRI BAJRANGADAS KUTI’. Babaji was the first President of the Trust. And the Secretary was  Swami Nitya Chaitanya.  Meanwhile Babaji’s health improved a lot hence Swamiji decided to complete his tour. With Babaji’s permission Swamiji returned to New York to complete his mission.

After nearly 8 years with Swamiji, in Feb.1976 Swamiji Jyothi had to return to his country Ceylon on receiving urgent calls.  In this connection, Swami Jyothi says: “It was hard for me to leave as it was an indissoluble bond.”

Swamiji continued his travel visiting again Mexico, U.S.A and Canada and left for Europe. In Russia he was in the freezing cold amidst snow.  After visiting Egypt, Sudan, Nairobi and Kenya Swamiji arrived in the Ashram on 12th Feb.1977.  He was serving his Gurudev till Gurudev’s Maha Samadhi on 13 Feb.1979.

 With loving pressure of devotees and trustees, Swamiji finally unwillingly name-sake has to accept the Presidency.

With the loving call of the devotees abroad Swamiji again started his 3rd world tour (1980) with Swami Nitya Chaitanya.  This lecture tour lasted almost three years travelling Europe in Train, from USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Trinidad, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil Swamiji with Swami Nitya travelled on Bus. Though devotees were insisting him to travel on Air but with all humility Swamiji refused and preferred bus.  When I questioned he said: “ Swami Nitya we should not tax unnecessarily the devotees. I am a sweeper came here to clean the garbage dumped by our own people in the name of Yoga and spirituality”.

Brazilian devotees especially Mother Karuna, Sri Janakaji, Sri Mahadevji, Mother Fanny (Shanta), Mother Gilda (Gayatri), Mother Triveni and many others were insisting Swamiji to start  an organization in Brazil.  Swamij humbly hesitated and said “all organization has a limitation with four walls and follow a personality and the truth is beyond four walls and impersonal”. Loving insistence of devotees worked finally.  They bought some land and wrote Swamiji to name and bless the centre. Following is the message sent by Swamiji on 1973:

  “We are deeply indebted to the Brazilian devotees who founded the Jnana Mandiram – Temple of Wisdom.  This Temple is meant to spread the spiritual message of the Vedas.  The Vedas are not only the holiest scripture of India, but also the eternal source of Wisdom.

It is in the fire of self-knowledge that humankind is purified and realizes that one is not mortal but a son of Eternity.  Just as in every atom there is atomic energy, divinity is eternally present in each human life.  This is possible through the Wisdom which reflects as devotion within emotions and sacrifice within actions.

It is said in the Vedas: “Truth is one, but the sages interpret it in different ways.” We are sure that the doors of Jnana Mandiram will be opened for everyone, regardless of their religion, nationality, extraction, color or political faith.  In the sacred precepts of the Temple, everyone should forget all differences and dedicate their life at the holy feet of God, which is not different from the Supreme Truth.

The founders of the temple draw inspiration from the highest ideals of Hinduism.  It is a great honor for us.  As modest Hinduists, we know very well that the Hinduist culture accepts the greatness and importance of all cultures.  In the garden of the world the flowers of different cultures have the right to grow.  The interchange of cultural virtues is an immediate necessity of mankind.  No culture alone can inspire the human soul if a universal perspective is not adopted.

Jnana Mandiram should present to humanity a universal aspect of Hinduism.

Without practicing spirituality, no one can effectively propagate it. Only a candle can light the others.  That is why the practice must be the main priority of all members of the Temple; the propagation is secondary.

May God bless all the members and founders of Jnana Mandiram.”

                                                                                        Swami Tilak/Swami Jyothi

Slowly Jnana Mandiram flourished under the Directions of Mother Karuna, Sri Janakaji and Sri Mahadevji.  Now it has its own land and buildings at Brasilia. Many of Swamiji’s books have been published in Portuguese.  A monthly magazine named “Jnana Prabha” is under circulation. Their web-site is and email: - Tel +5561 34683322

In 1983 Swami Nitya has to return to Ashram leaving Swamji at Brazil.

Swamiji returned to Bharat to attend his Gurudev’s 5th anniversary on Feb.1984 to spend one and a half months and again leave for the West with the avowed intention of completing his foreign travels in a year and spend the rest of his life in dedication to the motherland.

On 31st March 1984 he flew to Spain via Rome.  He had busy program in Granada and on Monday the 30th April 1984 he reached Barcelona. At the Airport Solache Family received him and drove him to their home called “Cal Segue”.  Swamiji stayed with this loving family for 11 days.   Here also Swamiji was very busy with many programs.  On 11 May 1984 as was planned he had a program at 6PM at Valencia Hindu community. And the next day he has to attend the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America’s international conference at New York.  He was the Chief-gust. But destiny was otherwise.  Before reaching Valencia, he met a car accident, left his body.  It is definite that he left his life-force (Prana) through his head as there was a slight cut on his head.

Many of his works has been published and there are many talks to be published.

Swami Nitya Chaitanya ji has to take the responsibility of the Ashram.  Still today he is managing the Ashram affairs of India and abroad.